Safeguard Your Home With These 5 Tips

Today I’d like to share five tips on keeping your home safe and secure.

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Do you know the key to keeping your home safe from predators? Today I’d like to highlight five important safety tips:

1. Maintain your doors and locks. Check and make sure that all hardware is working and in place. Loose doorknobs or locks could pose a security threat.

2. Secure your windows. Go around your home and make sure each window can be securely locked or latched. The same goes for glass doors. Placing a steel rod or wooden stick in the slot next to a sliding door can add extra protection.

3. Install safety lighting. Outdoor lighting should be kept on, especially at night. The cover of darkness could make it easier for intruders to lurk through your yard.

"Loose doorknobs or locks could pose a security threat."

4. Be aware of your belongings. Especially if you have your home listed on the market, it’s important not to leave jewelry or anything out or in clear view.

5. Be mindful of spare keys. Be careful who you give spare keys or codes to. Also, make sure you aren’t hiding spare keys anywhere conspicuous.

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#1 By Wesley at 6/28/2018 0:04 PM

Great advice. I'd like to just ad a suggestion. If the sliding door is the only exit in a room, I'd suggest keeping the door lock working properly instead of putting something in the path of sliding door. In the even of a fire or emergency this would cause a possible entrapment hazard. Be safe as well as secure in your castle.

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