Selling Sunset: The Triangle Area

What can we learn from the tv show Selling Sunset? Whether you are buying a luxury home or a starter home, Angie applies these tips and tricks to our own local market. 

After watching tv shows like Selling Sunset on Netflix, which focuses on luxury homes, you may pick up on some common themes or tips. We discuss advice from these real estate stars to see how it might relate to your own home buying process. Do these takeaways still apply here in Raleigh?

To start, you don’t want to assume a home will be perfect. This is great advice, no matter what your price point is. Even if you build a home, you’ll wish something was different about it. Beyond what’s inside the home, pay attention to what’s happening next to your home. What’s the view like? Is new construction about to go in? What kind of positive or negative impacts could be coming your way? No place is perfect, but be sure you can live with whatever you get.

As we’ve talked about a lot recently, prices can appreciate! This can be a positive feature if you are a seller, but a hurdle when you’re a homebuyer. Interest rates can also change your buying power. It’s impossible to time the market perfectly, but you want to be aware of where the prices are headed.

Just like on the show, in the Triangle, homebuyers must move fast! Between limited inventory and an increase of people moving to the area, there are often multiple offers or even offers before a home is officially on the market. If you like a home, you better jump on it!

Selling Sunset agents recommend you drop contingencies to stand out. Angie says this is not really something to worry about in our market, based on how the contracts have changed in North Carolina. Other ways to make your offer more competitive include offering a strong due diligence, buying the property as-is, and waiving the appraisal. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to a particular question using the timestamps below. 

2:02 - Never assume a home will be perfect.

2:54 - Check what’s going on nearby.

6:35 - Prices can appreciate quickly.

8:49 - Homebuyers must move fast.

10:24 - Drop contingencies. 

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