Should I Be Nervous About Rising Property Taxes?

Do rising home prices mean my taxes are about to go up as well? Angie answers this and three other questions from the mailbag in this week’s episode.

Tommy in Raleigh is wondering which communities in the area offer the best value buys in real estate right now. Angie and her team cover a broad span of space, which means there are several spots. The zip code 27616 provides a lot of great locations close to shopping while offering good investment opportunities. No matter what area you’re looking in, you’ll likely spend more than what you’d expect based on the limited inventory.

Rose in Durham wants to know if they would work with the same agent on Angie’s team to buy and sell a home. There are specialized agents for buying, for selling, and some who do both. Angie and her team can work with you to make sure you have the experience you want. They really work together as a team to get the job done well.  

Ellen in Cary is worried about taxes with home prices going up. Will the government adjust our property taxes soon or will it even out? Angie shares the schedule for determining the basis of your tax value based on the state and the county. Thankfully it’s not quite worth panicking about just yet. 

Tiffany in Chapel Hill asks how quickly someone can come to her home to get an estimate and help her sell it? Angie and her team can come as soon as you’d like to do the walkthrough to give you a price you can confidently get for the home. 

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below.

0:38 - Mailbag: What’s the best value buy in Raleigh?

1:46 - Is this a common question among inflated prices?

3:27 - Mailbag: Will the same agent help me buy and sell my house?

4:51 - Mailbag: Should I be scared of property taxes rising?

7:59 - Mailbag: How fast can someone help me sell my house?

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