Should I Make Home Improvements Before Listing My Home?

Before you sell your home, should you be making certain repairs or upgrades? Or can you list as-is and still make money in this market? Angie answers this question and two others in this week’s podcast.

Today on the Savvy Realtor podcast, Angie answers three questions from the mailbag. Are you ready to buy a home but wondering if this is a good time? Unsure of the best way to go about your loan application? Or wondering if you should list your home without making improvements? Find out what Angie has to say!

Is now a good time to buy? The market continues to rise, so you may be able to get equity in your home within a month or two. Angie says to take advantage of the good interest rates and buy now.

Billy in Apex wants to know if it’s better to apply for a loan alone instead of with his wife based on credit scores. Angie says this is a question for your mortgage lender. Depending on the situation, the interest payments may change based on who is on the loan.

Blake in Chapel Hill wants to know if Angie is seeing more upgraded homes selling. Can you sell your home without making major upgrades? Depending on what is needed, you may want to do certain things so that you don’t lose value. Based on your location, you’ll want to find out what the competition is doing. Having a realtor meet with you for a listing presentation will give you a better idea of what will give you the most bang for your buck with home improvements.

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip to a particular question.

0:37 - Mailbag: Is now a good time to buy a home or should we wait for things to calm down?

2:18 - Mailbag: Should I apply for a home loan alone or with my spouse?

5:15 - Mailbag: Can you sell a home without making upgrades?

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