The Best Advice in Real Estate

What are some of the best pieces of advice Angie has learned or given to clients over the years? From running a business to packing the truck, Angie shares what you want to know when it comes to real estate advice. 

Want to know the best advice in real estate? Angie shares some of the advice she gives her clients and advice she has received as a realtor. This episode of The Savvy Realtor podcast will ensure you are ready and prepared when it comes to buying or selling a house. 

As a business owner, what advice has Angie found to be helpful? Hire slow, fire fast. Take your time to get an employee that is the right fit for your company. Within the first few months though, if they are not a good fit then it’s better to let them go sooner rather than later. The wrong hire can really bring everyone else on the team down. This advice has helped her keep her team moving in the right direction and excelling. 

What do you need to know when you’re searching for a home? Know what you want. This market is competitive! When it’s time to buy, you need to be ready to move on it. What are your must-haves? What are your wants? 

When it comes to marketing, what’s most important? While pictures and exposure are important, pricing it right will make all the difference. Then make sure to stage the home correctly so that potential buyers get the right impression. Listen to what the stager tells you what to do in order to better sell your home

When it comes time to pack and unpack and haul all of your things, what kind of advice should you keep in mind? Angie and Walter share their favorite moving tips and tricks as they think back on their own moves. 

Finally, Angie shares the key way to communicate well with clients. Whether it’s a tough conversation or important details, how is that best relayed to clients? 

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below for Angie’s best advice. 

0:55 - What’s the best advice Angie gives to clients about the mortgage process? 

1:52 - What’s the best business advice Angie has received? 

4:08 - What’s does Angie tell clients when searching for a home? 

6:34 - What is the best advice when it comes to marketing a home? 

7:49 - What do you do about staging? 

12:38 - Remember that this isn’t a war. 

16:17 - What should you know about the moving process? 

20:44 - What’s the best way for realtors to communicate with clients? 

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