Tips for Thriving in the New Normal

Homes are continuing to sell and homebuyers are growing in numbers as they search for the right home, even during coronavirus. We talk about tips to thrive during this time while buying or selling a home.

Instead of just getting by, how are we finding ways to thrive in this new normal we’ve all been forced into due to coronavirus? How can buying or selling a home still be a positive experience throughout the process?

When it comes to making a good first impression online, consider the seven-second rule. According to some, buyers making an online purchase make their decision within three to seven seconds. What does this mean when selling a home? The pictures need to be strong and your home is well-staged.

The pandemic has actually driven some to become more likely to buy a home in the next year. Between low mortgage rates and staying home all the time, people are finding that they have enough for a down payment. Being stuck at home during coronavirus as also brought about realizations about the downsides of their current home while confined to only the space they have.

How willing are people to go over budget? One study shows 41 percent are willing to go above budget. Angie says most buyers shop at the top of their budget anyway, but will sometimes go above to allow for more homes in their search. What should you keep in mind (especially when you might come up against multiple offers)?

Finally, is now the time for normal marketing? Or do changes need to be made? It’s important to stay positive and still focus on the homebuying experience. Make sure your realtor is using the best marketing strategy when selling your home.

How have you found ways to thrive in this new normal?

Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to hear more about a specific topic.  

0:38 - “The 7-second rule” in deciding to make a purchase.

2:45 - Do you pass the “three pictures” rule?

5:26 - Which picture should be first in the online posting?

6:39 - Some are eager to buy a home amidst the pandemic.

10:26 - 41 percent of buyers say they are willing to go over budget.

13:10 - Is this the time for normal marketing?

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