Top Fears For Homebuyers And Sellers

It’s spooky season! When you walk in a house, do you ever get a sense that it’s haunted? We chat about some untold mysteries before we talk about the top fears homebuyers and home sellers face. From uncovering hidden home damage after closing to losing money in the sale, are any of these things keeping you up at night? Angie reassures us through these fears and strategizes how to overcome them with ease.

Real estate isn’t perfect, but with the right professionals by your side, you can get the guidance you need to get to the closing table without any horror stories about the process.

Here are the fears we discuss on today’s show:

  • Watch out for unseen issues or damage found after closing the home.
  • Some are scared about overspending on their house.
  • FOMO might cause overspending.
  • Sellers fear overpricing.
  • The fear that no one makes an offer can freak out sellers.
  • What if a deal falls through due to unqualified buyers? 

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