Top Homebuyer Priorities Since the Pandemic

How has the pandemic changed what people look for when shopping for a home? Angie talks through some of the main home features people are searching for.

The pandemic has had an impact on people in many ways, including on the home features that buyers are now prioritizing in their home search. What are those top priorities? We talk through a recent article and see what Angie thinks. 

Many buyers are looking for a quiet location. Having a bit more space and away from crowded areas has a lot of appeal for homebuyers right now. People want a place of tranquility and peace right now for their home. 

Regardless of the pandemic, everyone wants an updated kitchen and updated bathrooms. Garages and even carports are another feature that homebuyers are seeking. Having a variety of space is key for homebuyers these days. Outdoor living spaces are huge selling points, especially due to the pandemic. Some of that outdoor space is wanted in relation to the new pet many people got over the pandemic.

Home office needs continue to be on the list of priorities, although not quite as high as it was when more people were working remotely during the pandemic. Alongside that comes with the need to be within an area with fast internet options. Many people are choosing to relocate to rural areas to get more space, but still need to ensure they have the internet to stay connected with the office. 

Do these features line up with your priorities on your homebuying search?

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below.

0:38 - What are the top home feature priorities for pandemic buyers?

1:07 - Buyers want a quiet location.

2:25 - Who doesn’t love an updated kitchen?

2:55 - A garage is more desired than in the past.

5:13 - Outdoor living areas are important.

8:08 - Pet space is wanted.

9:06 - Updated bathrooms continue to be popular.

9:20 - Home office is still on the list.

10:00 - Do you have broadband internet capabilities?

11:21 - Open floor plans are still common.

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