Triangle Real Estate Market Update for March 2021

How does the real estate market look right now in spring 2021? Angie gives a summary of what to expect before answering two questions from the mailbag. 

Are you wondering what is happening right now in our local market? How can you best prepare? Angie tells us all the latest with the market and then answers two listener questions about selling a home. 

What is happening right now in the Triangle market? It continues to be a seller’s market! There are even offers being made on homes listed as “coming soon” in MLS. Those who are thinking of selling are finding this to be a great time to do so. The only difficulty is that if you’re planning to sell in order to then buy, the inventory is low. The interest rates continue to stay low though, which is a big benefit to buyers. Are you thinking of selling your home? 

Sam in Wake Forest has three rental properties but is tired of being a landlord. Should they sell all three properties simultaneously or wait to sell them one at a time? Angie explains that some of it depends on your current renter. Would they be willing to show the home and keep it tidy? Would it be better to wait until they can move out in order to clean it up a bit and make any necessary repairs first? 

Bill in Clayton wants to know how to get his home in the best position to get multiple offers on it. From figuring out the right way to market it and when to post it, your realtor’s marketing strategy can make a big difference. Then, setting the price appropriately based on recent comparables will drive multiple offers and therefore drive the price up. 

Reach out to Angie Cole and her team if you are ready to sell and want to find out the value of your home! Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip to a particular question. 

0:38 - What’s happening in the local real estate market?   

5:12 - Mailbag: Should I sell multiple properties at once?  

8:05 - Mailbag: How can I ensure I get multiple offers on my home?  

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