What Kind of Advice Should You Expect From Your Realtor?

Have a real estate question but aren’t getting a clear answer from your realtor? How opinionated or neutral should a realtor be? We answer that question and a few others on this episode of the podcast.

When you work with a realtor, you’re paying for some of their expertise and understanding of homes. But how much should you expect in terms of advice and when are realtors more likely to remain neutral?

Brad in Durham is concerned about the repairs needed on a house and asked for the opinion of the realtor. Is this something that realtors should be neutral about or give an opinion? Angie wants to make sure to give advice but ultimately, the decision is up to the homebuyer. Real estate agents cannot steer a buyer. The level of concern related to the needed repairs or upgrades really depend on the buyer.

Your realtor should make sure you’re aware of the condition of the home, help you get estimates, and help you understand what it would take to get the home in living condition. The question for the buyer is, can you handle this? Everyone has a different threshold for needed repairs.

April from Apex is considering buying a home that has been bought and sold eight different times in the past 10 years. Is this cause for concern? This may be a red flag, so you may want to ask the reasons for selling or why the previous people moved. Angie doesn’t feel like this is coincidence, so perhaps it’s the neighbors or area that isn’t immediately obvious when looking at a home.   

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to hear Angie’s answers to this week’s questions in the mailbag.

0:57 - Mailbag: When should a realtor stay neutral about needed repairs on a home?

3:23 - How much can you handle as a buyer?

5:08 - Mailbag: Can a home be bought and sold too often in the past decade?

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