What Kind of Realtor Should I Work With?

Is it better to find an agent who does both the buying and selling sides or someone who specializes in just one area? What’s the difference? Today we'll answer that question plus a few others that you've sent into the show. 

On today’s podcast, Angie answers two questions from the mailbag all about working with a realtor. But first, let’s talk about what the real estate market in the Triangle is like these days.

Between a lack of inventory and a very low interest rate, sellers are getting top-dollar for their home. The values of homes are continuing to appreciate and it’s made for a busy season for Angie and her team! If you’re ready to buy, they can help you navigate those home bidding wars. Are you ready to sell and want to find out how much your home is worth? Reach out to find out what you might be able to sell your home for.

Sally in Raleigh wants to know if it’s a good idea to work with an agent who specializes in only one side of the transaction. Or should you work with an agent who helps people both buy and sell homes? Angie shares the benefits of her team set-up. The most important thing is to find out how active the agent is in the market to make sure they have the right amount of expertise.

Twyla in Cary is preparing to sell her home. Before the listing appointment with a realtor, what kind of information should she have gathered together? Angie says the key thing to know is what the payoff amount on your loan is. That will help when discussing pricing. Otherwise, you’ll discuss things like your timeline and preferred communication methods during this appointment.

Are you ready to sell your home?

Listen to the entire episode or click the timestamps below to skip to a particular question. 

0:38 - What’s the latest in the market?

3:53 - Mailbag: Should you work with an agent who does both buying and selling or specializes in one area?

5:30 - Angie’s team has agents who specialize on both sides.

7:02 - Mailbag: What should I know before meeting with you for a listing appointment?

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