What To Do About Incorrect Listing Information

The Savvy Synopsis

We take your questions on what to do when a third party listing website publishes incorrect information about your home, whether to make a cash offer, and how to learn about unfamiliar neighborhoods.

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Featured Foundations:

A Recent Success Story

00:40 - Out-Of-State Investment Property Buyer

  • Richard and Laura are out-of-state clients. They wanted an investment property.
  • Richard and Laura trusted Angie's team to handle the process. 
  • Angie's team built a long distance working relationship with them. 
  • With the right agent, it's possible to purchase remotely.
  • Digital media and communication is crucial in long distance buys.

The Mailbag. 

6:25 - What To Do With Incorrect Listing Information

  • Millie wants to know what to do when third party listing websites publish incorrect information.
  •  Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com often publish inaccurate information. 
  • Your realtor can help to correct false information. 
  • Premier Zillow agents give you additional ways to market your home. 
  • Turn to the MLS database for accurate information.

9:18 - Pros And Cons Of Cash Offers

  • Joe asks whether an all-cash offer will make him a stronger buyer. 
  • In short, no. Not in today's market.
  • We're in a seller's market. This means you don't have a lot of leverage as a buyer.
  • There are many factors that affect your leverage as a buyer. 

12:00 - How To Research An Unfamiliar Neighborhood

  • Angel is moving to an unfamiliar neighborhood. She wants to know how to find the right spot. 
  • Use your home search as a funnel. Narrow your focus from city to neighborhood and then to a specific home.
  • Weekends are a great time to check out potential neighborhoods.
  • Gather an understanding on daily life in a neighborhood.
  • Mornings and evenings are great times to check out a neighborhood.

15:48 - The Stress Of Buying & Selling

  • Marlo is stressed about the home buying and selling process. She wants to eliminate the anxiety. 
  • Your realtor should have a team to get you through the process.
  • You realtor should serve as a guide and alleviate your stress.

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It's time for The Savvy Realtor podcast. I'm Walter Storholt alongside Angie Cole the owner and broker in charge of a Cole realty serving you throughout the Triangle teaching you about the ins and outs when it comes to buying or selling a home. You can find the team online by going to A Cole Realty dot com. That's A C-O-L-E Realty dot com or by calling 9 1 9 5 7 8 3 1 2 8 that's 9 1 9 5 7 8 3 1 2 8 and now it's time for one of the top realtors in the Triangle. Angie Cole and The Savvy Realtor podcast. It's time for another Success Story here on The Savvy Realtor Walter Storholt here alongside Angie Cole. If you're just joining us and she's the owner of A Cole Realty here in the Triangle you can find us online by going to A Cole Realty dot com listen to past episodes of the show.

Check out the blog. Lots of other great information search for homes on the Web site as well. A Cole Realty dot com. Again Cole is spelled C-O-L-E. You can also call or text Angie at 9 1 9 5 3 8 64 77. Don't forget that over the past three years and she and her team have helped more than 600 families buy or sell their homes and Angie I know that here on the success story we feature some of those great examples of homes that have been closed recently either bought or sold and how your team was able to help the cause. Tell us a little bit about another couple of folks that come to mind.

Sure. So we had Richard and Laura who are actually out-of-state clients. They contacted our team to help them out with purchasing a home in the area for investment purposes but something a little bit different about these clients is they never truly stepped foot in the hand that they purchased and they closed on one. So they used us as a resource to actually be their eyes and ears throughout the process and they had full confidence and trust in our team to find them the perfect investment property and close on it only to see it several weeks later but were extremely amazed and extremely you know pleasantly I guess surprised with the outcome and how everything went. They actually just wrote us an amazing review on Zillow and a little bit of their reviews stated living out a state who is extremely important to find the right person who could be our eyes and ears locally and give us the guidance we needed to act from long distance. We were put in contact with Alex harder who's our buyer specialists and he was exactly what we were looking for. And she goes on to say he was extremely responsive and helpful but never pushed us to move faster than we were comfortable with. So you know we love working with all different types of clients and we definitely love working with clients who don't even have the convenience to be in here actually you know real time to go about their home search. But once again we can help you out by taking videos we can face time U.N. there's so many ways to go about the process to make it just as smooth and seamless as if you were here and you know as being like in person. So they had a wonderful experience so congrats to Richard and Laura with purchasing your first investment property here in the Triangle area.

Buying a home is exciting enough and then you add that sort of like you know blindfold or maybe we call this the you know the bird box method of buying back.

Exactly. Now I mean it really was and you know I love. I mean the review is sexy it's like a page long. I love that. And she goes into detail how when they came to finally visit a couple weeks after the closing I mean just in awe and so happy and surprised but surprised in a good way that it's exactly how they imagined him to be. You know based on the videos that Alex took and just the detail that went in to you know helping throughout the process and purchasing this home. But you're right it's kind of your blindsided especially if you're not local but that's where our team comes into play with helping you throughout that process.

Good example of kind of how the real estate landscape has changed too because you couldn't do that a couple of years ago that would've been a lot harder to pull off.

Yeah I mean that you know goes to show you where technology really comes into play. You know a lot of people or I would say most people they always start their search online and but we now have the resource to use our phones to face time U.N. to make videos that we can share with you. So you know we can be your eyes and ears throughout that process.

Another cool story of how Angie Cole and the team at Echo realty help somebody achieve that great success of buying a home here in the triangle. If you have questions for the team I want to talk about your home search. You can get in touch a couple of different ways you can call or text Angie at 9 1 9 5 3 8 64 77 that's 9 1 9 5 3 8 6 4 7 7. You can also start your search on line at a coal realty dot com and get in touch with the team there as well. A call realty dot com Angie for buyers I know that you've helped put together specially for first time home buyers a great buying guide so that they can kind of understand and know all the different steps of the process.

Sure have. So if you're thinking about purchasing a home it's important to understand the process and the steps to take you know from start to finish. We want to make sure that you go through each detail. You don't forget a step because if you do that can definitely delay closing it can make the process one that's not enjoyable and that's completely the opposite of what our team provides. So if you want to get a copy of the home buying guide you can text the word contract to the phone number 5 5 5 8 8 8. So once again to get the process and the steps of buying a home from start to finish you can text the word contract to the phone number 5 5 5 888 we provide that buying guide for you right there on your smart phone.

Just text the word contract to 5 5 5 8 8 8 and we'll text you a link to download that guide from your phone. You can even email it to yourself for later viewing or if you want to look at it on a computer later on or print it out. Even text the word contract to 5 5 5 8 8 8 to get that buying guide from Angie Cole and the team and a whole real team.

Stay right there much more coming up on today's program. The savvy real tour with Chico

It's time for the mailbag. We want to hear from you

M.e. says Angie I've noticed that a lot of the information about my home on sites like Trulia Zillow etc. are completely wrong.

Incorrect square footage lot size number of bedrooms etc.. Is this something you can help fix if we work with you when we go to sell our home this year. Because it seems like that would be important to have that stuff right.

Yeah you're exactly right Millie and this is not uncommon. I always use this example but my personal home was listed in Zillow as a duplex and I live in a single family detached home. I actually just looked up my home again on Zillow and although it's been corrected to a single family home they have the bathroom count incorrect. So we oftentimes see that third party Web sites like Zillow realtor AECOM and Trulia. Can it be inaccurate when it comes to displaying your home and all the features of your home. But do remember that once we list your home those listings on the third party Web sites are overridden by our MLS data news feed. So once we go active and on the market the new listing the accurate information that we put into our MLS database will then feed through to these third party Web sites. Our team we have an upper hand on this too because we spend money with Zillow to become what's called a premier agent. And the great thing about a premier agent with Zillow is we can also market your home as a Coming Soon listing on Zillow. You must spend an unfortunately to play with that company though is the way that it works. But by doing so when we list your home is it coming soon on Zillow. Again they are we can change all the information to make sure that it accurately reflects your true features and everything about your home. So not only will it change when you go active but we can go ahead and change that information when you're listed as a coming soon with our team.

That's pretty cool to be able to do. And I know that a lot of people do start their searches on those third party Web sites but we try to emphasize a lot here on the program that for both buyers and sellers it's so important to make sure that you know you're realizing that the MLS database is really the magic sauce here. Angie that that ends up being where most buyers although you might casually start on these third party Web sites buyers are really going to end up relying on that MLS database and you know that the portal that they're real tour setting up for them.

Yes you're exactly right. So the MLS database is true accurate information it's real time data to which is important. And so in the MLS database you know that's where we will go through all the specifics of your home. We will make sure that all information is accurate and is exact to you know the way that your home should be displayed. And then from there it will feed over and it will go correctly into the third party Web sites.

Joe's writing in from future wave arena and says I'm looking to buy a new house this year. I have the ability to pay cash for the home but would prefer not to tie up all of that money into the home if I don't have to. Does it make me a stronger buyer to have an all cash offer versus doing something like I don't know paying 50 percent of the home's cost instead.

You know Joe it really is not going to make you at that much of a stronger buyer in today's market. You know paying all cash is not going to give you the additional leverage. Reason being is we are in such a strong seller's market that whether you pay cash or you get financing you know most sellers will still get an offer. You know if not the first day you know maybe a couple weeks after but just because you're making a cash offer that seller is not going to give you this huge discount on the home. So you know I would do whatever is best for you and your financial situation. So whether it be put 50 percent down put 20 percent down you know 100 percent financing it really doesn't make a difference. Now if you are competing against other offers can a cash offer be more attractive. Yes 100 percent. But once again a seller might decide to move forward with a financed offer if they're able to net more with that financed offer. So once again just because you're a cash buyer does not mean that you're going to get this much better deal on the home that you're looking to purchase.

That's a really good point. And so they definitely keep in mind there Joe but a great question because you should. Right. Angie be looking for every way possible to make your offers more competitive if you're a buyer.

Yeah I mean one hundred percent. You know it really depends on is a case by case basis. You know it depends on are you the only offer on the table how long is a home. That on the market is a home currently priced correctly or is it overpriced so there's a lot that goes into negotiating the best price for you when we represent you on the buy side. It's not just a one scenario fits all. And so based on that situation we can definitely give you better guidance when it comes to making offer and making sure that all the terms are strong and they're you know they're also very attractive to the seller in order to get you the best value for the home.

Again if you've got questions for Angie Cole and the team at a Cole realty I invite you to call or text and they can help navigate you through that process of buying or selling your home here in the Triangle. 9 1 9 5 3 8 64 four seventy seven is the number to call or text. That's 9 1 9 5 3 8 64 seventy seven. Angel is in Durham and Angel says My husband and I are hoping to move to Kerry in the next year. We've just started looking at homes but aren't really decided on a neighborhood in the area yet. How do you help people who are somewhat unfamiliar with an area find the right spot.

So Angel what I always tell our clients is really use a search kind of like a funnel. What I mean by there is let's first start off and let's focus on your area and I know you've already narrowed that down where you want to be and the Kerry location. But then from there let's focus on your neighborhood. There is no point on focusing on a specific home. If you dislike the neighborhood so we're going from city or area down to neighborhood then down to the home. As far as getting just really really specific. But you know a great way to go about just getting familiar with the different areas within the Kerry location is to be set up on a search within our database. Remember when you're looking at third party Web sites like realtor dot com Zillow Trulia those are not always accurate and up to date. So it's important to be set up directly through our MLS database because from there we can give you real time information and data to share with you so then you can understand what Kerry has to offer. So get set up on an automated search in our system based on your minimum requirements as far as you know style of home minimum bedrooms minimum bathrooms. Also your price point is super important. And then once you start to see homes that you feel like fit your needs that you like I would say do some drive by start driving through the neighborhoods just to make sure that you like that neighborhood because once again there is no point in stepping foot into a home that you think you're going to love if you dislike the neighborhood.

Yeah and this is not a dislike of a neighborhood. It was just a personal story here is when we were looking to move from Durham. We looked at Morrisville. We looked at Kerry we looked at down in future wave arena and I was actually really sold kind of at first thought on maybe going south Raleigh maybe going down into into the Fukui area and just really liked what I was seeing in the home searches and then I drove down there. We spent a couple of Sunday afternoons just kind of zipping down there driving around went out to lunch and a couple of places down there and then we just did that in North Raleigh and we kind of did the same thing we like you know what we're really kind of like the North Raleigh area and so we just kind of developed a change in mentality what we originally thought we would want to do and we ended up changing gears and ended up kind of moving to the north Raleigh area instead. So just some simple driving around a little bit of base research like that was really helpful to us. Angel and I'm sure would be helpful to you. We found Sunday afternoon to kind of be a good time to go down and just drive around you get to see people out doing their thing and you know you're not dealing with maybe all the traffic you're kind of just going to see things on kind of a normal just kind of a normal everyday weekend day was sort of a nice feel. Do you have a suggestion for what people do like is there a best day of the week to go check out those neighborhoods in areas Andrew that you recommend to folks.

Yeah I mean I would I would highly suggest doing that on the weekend. Reason be when everyone's at work or at school you're not really seeing what's going on during like what's real life look like when everyone's not at their home or in their neighborhood. So I would say go on a Saturday or Sunday Kind of like you mentioned and go to visit those neighborhoods go to a local restaurant or shopping to see kind of what vibe or feel you get out of that area. Yeah that and go at night to take an evening drive by at some point when you guys always say you know I go 8:00 a.m. in the morning 8:00 p.m. in the evening and you can really see who lives where and what type of locations and just the feel and the ambiance I guess you get from that area.

Yeah it can be more helpful than you might think. So great question angel. Thank you for submitting that one to us. Got one more here to wrap up for the week aims to us from Marlo Marlow writing in from Roseville and says I find the whole process of buying and selling a home very stressful. What does your team do to eliminate some of the stress associated with this whole ordeal.

Yeah. You know it's always the fear of the unknown which I completely get Marlo. But what's important is how our team how we handle the process. You know I always like to say that our team is like a well oiled machine. And what that means is you know we had everyone in place to get you through every single step throughout the process. We have our preferred vendors so we have our lenders. We have our attorneys. We have our home inspectors. You know we also have a contract to close coordinators who will help to manage and handle everything on the back end when it comes to coordinating those inspections coordinating your lender with your attorney. And so we are always one step ahead throughout the process and from there it will then create you know a process that is then stress free for you. Exciting seamless and just an amazing process and experience. So once you move in all you can do is just kind of breathe you know take it all in. It's been a great experience throughout. And then you're just left with unpacking. But we have a great resource for that too if you need help.

Oh yeah absolutely. There's a lot of help when you work with a team like Angie Cole and echo realty it's not just OK. Here's the paperwork. It's much more of a relationship when you're working with your team right Angie.

Oh most definitely. You know relationships are huge because remember you're almost like Mary to us for a while. When it comes to buying a home you know some people can find a home the first time they go out but other people we work with some people for a good over year two years before they find the home because maybe they're not super serious about it. And then once you go under contract we're looking at 30 to 45 days for another closing so the relationship that you have with our team is very important because we will be speaking to you daily weekly monthly. You know depending on your timeline. So you want to make sure that you are working with a team that you truly enjoy and that you can trust as well.

You've been listening to the savvy real tour podcast. I'm Walter store Holt alongside Angie Cole. She's the owner and broker in charge of ACO realty here in the Triangle and if you have questions for Angie we invite you to go online to a call Realty dot com. Listen to past podcast episodes on the Web site read the blog and all the great information including the option to find a home right there on the website. That's a call Realty dot com and you can also call ante with your questions. 9 1 9 5 7 8 31 28.

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