Real Estate Realities We Have To Face In 2021

What kind of challenges or opportunities in real estate are expected in 2021? How do these apply to the Triangle area? Angie shares her opinions on the year ahead.

What should you expect happening with real estate in 2021? One real estate news article compiled a list of real estate realities to prepare for this year. What does Angie think about how it applies to the Triangle area?

Interest rates are so low right now that many people are buying home or refinancing to make the most of the opportunity. There is such a low inventory and high demand that it will likely continue to be a strong seller’s market here in the Triangle and across the country. Angie shares what she’s seen in the area recently.

What type of investors are on the market? Are you hoping to make a flip? Or are you wanting to buy a rental property? What kind of homes are sought out by potential investors? Is now a good time for investors?

How fast might the process go? Angie and her team like to put your home on the market as quick as you’re ready. What about on the home buying side? How can things move quickly? What kind of flexibility would you be able to offer? Will you offer a lease back as a part of the negotiation?

What kind of appraisal challenges may come? How can you overcome these hurdles? Is this an issue in the Triangle? How might the market adjust and change throughout the year? Will the bubble burst at some point?

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to skip ahead to hear more about a possible real estate reality.

0:39 - What realities do buyers and sellers need to prepare for in 2021?

1:04 - Low inventory, high demand, and multiple offers the norm.

1:56 - Will the market pay top dollar for dated homes? 

4:11 - Where will investors focus? 

5:46 - Transactions will be accelerated.

7:15 - Lease backs will be more popular.

11:43 - Appraisal challenges may occur.

14:01 - Markets will undergo major changes

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