What’s the Latest in National Real Estate News?

These three stories give us a pulse on what’s happening nationally in the real estate market. From crowdfunding to pandemic homebuying complaints, have you heard the news?


We’ve rounded up three real estate stories from the news. Do these same trends apply in the Triangle market? What does Angie advise? 

A new way to invest in residential real estate is with a company called Fundrise, which crowdfunds investments to buy a home. Once the property is sold in the future, the crowd will get a return on their investment. Angie says this is common for things like condominiums, restaurants, and other businesses. Often big or small investors are on the back end. There are many different ways to invest and this is just another one of them. Always be smart about how you invest.

There’s hope for buyers with a rise in affordable homes as new listings rose 6.5 percent in July. This could lead to a stabilization in prices with more supply. Is the same true for the Triangle? The median price point here has gone up. But listings have also increased in our area.

During much of the pandemic, buyers complained about being constantly outbid for a home. Things switched last quarter though to looking for affordability. Affordability is a relative term. A lot of buyers have had to learn to make compromises to meet their budget. Buyers also need to have the cash on hand to make a strong offer with more due diligence

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to the story you want to hear more about using the timestamps below. 

0:48 - What’s a new way to crowdfund for real estate?

4:12 - Nationally, there is hope for buyers with more listings available.   

6:11 - Is affordability a problem?

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