What’s the Legal Definition of a Bedroom + More Mailbag Questions

If you are listing your home, what rooms can you count as a bedroom? How can you get rid of unwelcome odors? Angie answers these questions and more on today’s podcast. 

Waiting for the mortgage rate to fall even more? Struggling to get rid of a bit of a stench? Angie answers four questions from the mailbag in this week’s episode of the Savvy Realtor podcast. 

Bianca in Raleigh is wondering if mortgage rates might fall any further than they already are. They are at historic lows and Angie doesn’t foresee them going much lower. This might be the right time to lock in the low rate that you could get. Talk with a local mortgage lender for more information.  

Carl in Fayetteville wants to know what the legal definition of a bedroom is. Can the loft in his home be considered a bedroom? Wouldn’t this make a difference in the value of the home? Angie says she wouldn’t call a loft a bedroom, but more of a bonus room. If the loft is open and not about to be shut, it’s not typically considered a bedroom. In the past, a bedroom had to include a window or egress and a closet. 

Frank from Chapel Hill needs to sell his mother’s house which has a bit of an old house smell. What can they do to get it into shape? Whether it’s a smell of pets or must or anything in between, Angie shares a few tools to use to refresh your home. 

Finally, Alice in Cary asks if there is a difference between a real estate agent, a realtor, or a broker. While this depends on what state you are in, Angie explains what sort of credentials and experience are required for each of these. What expectations should you have of each? 

Listen to the entire episode or click on the timestamps below to hear Angie’s answer to a specific question. 

0:38 - Mailbag: Will mortgage rates go down any further? 

2:36 - Mailbag: What is the definition of a bedroom? 

5:33 - Mailbag: How can you get rid of bad smells in the home? 

8:32 - Mailbag: Is there a difference between a real estate agent, a realtor, and a broker? 

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