Why Starter Homes Are Still Expensive & Other "Mailbag" Questions

You might have heard that home prices have dropped a bit in the past several weeks, but one listener points out that the trend hasn’t translated as well to starter homes. We’ll ask Angie about that on this week’s edition of the Savvy Realtor Podcast.

We also open the “mailbag” for some additional questions about fractional ownership, buying homes with friends and family, on advice on where to invest extra cash.

Here are the questions we’ll ask Angie on this episode of The Savvy Realtor Podcast:

  • I keep hearing about lower housing prices, but all the starter homes we’re looking at are still just as expensive as they were months ago. What’s going on there? Why haven’t they dropped much? (0:40)
  • I saw an article that says more friends and families will buy homes together in the years ahead. How does that work, buying a home with another person or even a group of people? (2:04)
  • Can you talk about fractional ownership? I’ve seen some listings where you “buy” a property, but you only get to stay there for a few weeks out of the year. And you still have to pay high yearly fees. Is this just a timeshare by a different name? (4:23)
  • We’re going to be able to buy a new house soon and move out of our current one. We’re stuck on what to do, however. Should we sell it and pocket the cash and invest that elsewhere? Or rent it out for income that way and hold onto it for future growth and property value increase? What do you see as the most successful strategy for our area? (6:20)


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